Commercial Drones: Yuneec H520

Tethered Drone Surveillance for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Use…

Tethered Drone Solution VS Free Flying…

We have designed a bespoke solution that:

  • Enables mobile persistent aerial imaging
  • Ensure continuous night-time surveillance
  • Complies with CAA Regulations
  • Meets S.A.’s leading Drone Insurer’s requirements
  • Is more cost-efficient than manned drones
  • Manages and optimises data streaming costs
  • Uses digital recognition software integrated into a
    secure IoT platform.

Applications for HoverFly Tether…

Inspections, Construction, Buildings, Billboards, Pylons, Fences, Shopping Centre & Car Park Surveillance, Cable Hot Spot ,
Monitoring, Anti Poaching , Game Counting, Crop Spraying, Surveying, Emergency , Response & , Disaster, Management,
Crowd Control, Fire Fighting & , Rescue, Tracking & Recovery, Power Line , Inspection, Cinema & Forestry.