At Berkley Analytics we are all about providing our customers with the right solutions. Technology has advanced,
in that we now have moved into what is termed the 4th Industrial revolution and Industry 4.0. Drones,
Telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way we work and live.

These technologies when paced together with Analytics create an understanding of our environments,
which allows us to provide insight and control to the environments, be it at home or in large Enterprises.

We specialise in Asset Tracking, Security and Surveillance, Drones and Tethers and IoT Sensors and Control Systems.

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Smart Homes

Home owners have become more aware of resources they consume and have started looking at optimising the way that these resources are used. Home owners have been putting in point solutions to controls some devices such as timers for pumps and geysers to Energy Generation.

When looking at the home we have created a set of simple solutions that can monitor and controls the home. The main aim is to enable you to better manage your resources receive notifications on events that allow you to react accordingly.

Our solutions cover: utility service management (water, electricity and gas), measuring environments factors (temperatures, air quality, moisture, noise and light), measuring power consumption of devices (inline electricity, water and gas flows), Power Generation monitoring (battery health & capacity, solar cell charge rate and generator power). We have a home management system that measures and controls smart devices in your home. This unit can be accessed from your phone, tablet or laptop to control your home.

We also provide Tenant Management recharge for connectivity (data, and voice) along with utility services. Some point solutions enable you to manage your own intruder detection, visually monitor your own home along with the solar system to power them. Specialized managed services are also available for real-time security surveillance via remote device, which can be linked to the response and IoT monitoring Centre.

Smart Business

We provide solutions for Franchises, Fuel Retailers and Commercial Businesses. Our devices
cover asset security monitoring, smart management devices, stock tracking, building
environment monitoring and health & safety systems.

The systems are deployed and managed via remote monitoring that generate notifications
when incidents and events occur. The end user can download an app which enables
the monitoring of the entire system remotely through a single password protected dashboard.
Process control can be added to control devices and form the loop back when actions are needed
in the event that certain incidents, alarm sensors or monitoring sensors are triggered.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) platform and App dashboard are configured according to your
requirements enabling ease of access and ease of use via. a secure login system.

Smart Farming

The focus is smart farming through to farm security including, proactive surveillance systems, asset
management and tracking, crop and stock smart farming solutions.

Our solution can be integrated with Farm Management Systems and Work Force Management systems,
bringing the real time reporting to the operations.

Realtime feedback and Analytics brings insight to the operations via. our solar powered field sensors.

  • Ground sensors report on actual conditions in the field, tunnel or orchard - real time.
  • Equipment sensors report of position of equipment, movement, position, fuel levels and measuring
    of soil features during plowing.
  • Drone software reports on the crop progression, growth, pests, crop yield and health of growing
    crops through an easy to use dashboard.

We also provide drones-as-a-service should you wish to outsource aerial work. Or where your aerial
monitoring requirements do not warrant a dedicated in-house solution.

Smart Surveillance

Our Smart Surveillance solution incorporates (i) ground based fixed cameras
and motion sensors and (ii) aerial surveillance through tethered drones
which are ideal for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Use.

Tethered drones enable you to remain airborne for indefinite periods,
or as long as you need, enabling you to:
(i) capture aerial video all day in a
single flight (making it ideal to film entire outdoor sports games), (ii) monitor and
review training programs and (iii) have a continuous eye-in-the sky at public
outdoor events – all without having to land to change batteries.

The video analytics and editing software is available for processing the video
captured by the Drones. We condense this information into specific reports
saving you time and providing you with the information you need.