The following products are provided under Smart Home, Smart Business and Smart farm:

Process Control and Automation

  • Internet of Things connected Platform and Appliances
  • Smart Home solutions
  • Smart Business Solutions
  • Home monitoring Video and Access Control
  • Video and Data Analytics
  • Geo Location

Smart Residence and Business

Smart Home

  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Security (Voice, Video, Sensors, Analytics)
  • Smart Water
  • Smart Media (Video, Voice, Data)
  • Home Automation
  • Portal for Products and Service, purchase and management

Smart Lodge / Small holding

  • Smart Home as described above
  • Enhanced Water Management
  • Lodge Energy Management
  • Smart Fire Protection
  • Enhanced Security

Smart Estate / Complex

  • Smart Home as described above
  • Smart Lodge / Small Holding as described above

Smart Farming

  • Smart Livestock
  • Smart Agriculture
    • Field
    • Tunnel
    • Warehouse
  • Smart Farm implements and Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Smart Security
  • Portal with Business Process management, and Enterprise Resource Planning functions

Smart manufacturing

Track usage of tool

  • Tool usage – time and duration
  • How used, Analytics

Smart Logistics

Build Logistics / Warehouse

  • Supplier attached RFID Tags
  • Pallet tags
  • Leakage management

Smart Service Delivery

Estate / Small Municipality

  • Tags (People, Bins, Trucks)
  • Process - Business Process Assurance
  • Service Leakage Management
  • Modelled cost tracking
  • Security products tracking and detection

Drones UAV

  • Drones and Cameras
  • Teethed Drone
  • Video and Data Analytics
  • Geolocation Control